Allegra capital

Natural Resources / Mining

The natural resources/mining field is broad, however it has a unifying theme characterized by limited supplies and the need for enterprises to establish sustainable and sensitive resource management practices.

Allegra Capital partners with entrepreneurs and natural resources/mining companies that have a unique or innovative business approach or solution. We look for partners with creative business approaches and to participate in projects and companies that have environmentally sustainable business, are ethically based, and operate along international best environmental practices.

Allegra Capital has extensive experience in the South American mining  sector, particularly in the countries of Argentina, Peru, Brazil, Chile and Columbia.

The Group recognizes that practices in the development and management of natural resources/mining must be responsive and responsible to the international community's requirements for environmental sustainability and proper regard for the impact on the local community and the environment. For examples of originated and co-developed deals in natural resources/mining. Please refer to the section headed Selected Projects.