Allegra capital

Code of Ethics

Members of the Allegra Capital uphold the Group's commitment to applying and working with the highest levels of professional conduct in our work and our business dealings. We value and commit to acting with honesty, integrity, trust and responsibility.

Our people commit to undertake their business affairs and dealings in accordance with our Code of Ethics by:

  • Acting in the best interests of all stakeholders in our business relationships including our partners, our clients and their employees and representatives
  • Respecting the dignity and rights of all people
  • Assessing all projects at the pre-start stage to ensure that the project and all parties involved in the project will conform to best practice from an ethical, environmental and societal point of view
  • Maintaining partner and client confidentiality at all times and respecting third party intellectual property
  • Acting in a transparent manner and avoiding ,and where required declaring, perceived or real conflicts of interest
  • Acting with honesty and integrity