Allegra capital


Allegra Capital works closely with innovative and creative enterprises and developers, inventors and owners of intellectual property and natural assets to structure, package and position the technologies and assets so they are understandable and attractive to strategic industry partners and investors. Allegra Capital will accept, as a commission, the right to participate in a project, enterprise or joint venture programme for a combination of equity, time and cost. Where funds are raised through, or by, a collaborating licensed securities dealer, the fundraising is commissionable at standards industry rates. Our Services cover the following areas:

Facilitation of Fund Raising

Allegra assists with and facilitates fund raising and financing rounds by client and originated companies and provides selected investment advisory and management services to these companies.

Allegra does not provide financial or investment advice. However, Allegra works closely with a network of Australian stockbrokers, licensed securities dealers and London alternative Investment Market (AIM) Nominated Advisers to assist clients to raise funds through:

  • Private equity (seed and pre-IPO),
  • Initial Public Offering on the Australian Stock Exchange and/or London AIM,

Selected Management Services

Allegra provides originated companies, on a fee-for service basis, a number of management services modules to choose from and utilise post-fund raising rounds. The fee-for-services that are offered by Allegra include:

  • strategic management consulting
  • Company Secretarial
  • Stakeholder relations (PR)
  • Accounting and bookkeeping
  • Serviced office